Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guideline How to Register with Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM)?

As requested by many friends, these are the information about the registration for graduate engineer with BEM, all can be done online with the certified true copy document from Professional Engineer or who has titile Ir. All the certified document need to be put in pdf format and uploaded at BEM website. Details as below :


Any person who wants to take up employment as an engineer must be registered as a Graduate Engineer with BEM. BEM recognises the experience gained by an engineering graduate only after he has registered as a Graduate Engineer. As such, it is prudent for an engineering graduate to register as a Graduate Engineer at the very beginning of his engineering career.

The recognised academic qualification for registration as a Graduate Engineer with BEM includes the following:
    • An engineering degree accredited/recognised by EAC, BEM available in an approved list maintained by EAC, BEM.
    • For degree which is not recognised (e.g. 3 years programme) need to be top up with a master degree by instruction from accredited university. For further details, check Requirement to be Registered in Electrical Engineering.

For graduate registration, the candidate will be placed in the branch as stated in his basic degree certificate.

  1. All application shall be made through MyBEM Online Registration System or manually using Form A.
  2. Registration fee of RM50.00 is compulsory for each and every candidate who wish to apply.
  3. All applicant need to submit the following supporting documents;
    • Copy of Identification Card (NRIC)/MyKad.
    • Certified True Copy of Degree.
    • Certified True Copy of Full Official Transcript or Details of Course and Subject Taken (from first year to final year).
    • Certified True Copy of Diploma\Matriculation and Full Transcript (if related)
  4. The certified copy of the degree certificate from a foreign university which is not in the English language shall be accompanied by a translation of it in Bahasa Melayu or English.
  5. If the branch majored in by the applicant is not stated in the degree certificate or degree scroll, the applicant is required to enclose details of the subjects taken during his course. This is to enable BEM to determine the branch based on the course content and/or by reference to relevant professional bodies.
  6. Every document submitted must be certified as a true copy by a Professional Engineer who is registered with BEM.
  7. Completed copy of Form A shall be submitted within 4 weeks from the date of application.
  8. Upon approval, a certificate of Graduate Engineer registration (Form C) will be issued.


Original source : Website Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM)
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